BBQ Monday Coming up

A quick eyeball of the calendar tells that the 25th is indeed the last Monday in October, and that hence we sing for our own suppers. If you are a VERY good singer somebody might feed you – otherwise bring something for the hot plate and something to share and sing anyway. Also the forecast suggests bringing a sweater.  Pic from WIkimedia


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The Shed is open - with masks

The oracles have spoken, and this is what they said. 'The lockdown in Southern Tasmania will end at 6pm today (Monday 18 October) but some restrictions will remain until 6pm Friday 22 October. People will no longer have to stay home but face masks must still be worn outside the home by everyone aged 12 years and older in the declared local government areas – see the list and map .

Shed Closed until further notice

Hopefully when that further notice comes it will be saying that we will be opening up 6pm on Monday, but we await confirmation from the State Government. There will be no organised meal on Monday night. For more details of the lockdown in the south see

31st October Open day, family fun day

When:    11.00am - 3.00pm; Where:    the LBT shed and foreshore.  Come along and enjoy:  Paul Frost's model boats (see pics below); sausage Sizzle and salad;  scones jam and cream; music with Terry Mead and David Pittaway; mounting of new figure head for Freya carved by Mary Lou Conway; come and try rowing.

LBT subcommittees

In order to oversee the many activities of the LBT responsibilities are divided across various subcommittees. These are: Executive: Peter Laidlaw, Richard Forster, Rod Macfarlan; Finance: Rod Macfarlan, Andy Ritchie; Grants, Fund Raising: Andy Ritchie, Michelle Crawford; Events: Endra O'May, Jane Johnson, Peter Laidlaw, Michelle Crawford; Nancy: Richard Forster, Andy Ritchie, Martin Riddle, Michelle Crawford; OHS: Jean-Pierre Scheerlinck, David Pittaway; Shed Futures: Rod Macfarlan, Jean-Pierre Scheerlinck, Martin Riddle, Andy Ritchie; Tuesday and other shed work groups: Peter Laidlaw, Endra O'May; Rowing: Mike Hewitt, Barb Dawson (seconded), Dennis Muscovich (seconded) Communications: Richard Forster, Rod Macfarlan, Michelle Crawford; Sailing: Peter Laidlaw, Endra O'May; Fleet Management: Peter Laidlaw, David Pittaway; Foreshore Management: Richard Forster, David Pittaway; Tawe Nunnugah (Expeditions): Martin Riddle, Jean-Pierre Scheerlinck, Endra O'May, Peter Laidlaw.

Rowing News October 2021

From the committee rowing team: 1. Maintenance. Imagine work is extensive. Dennis is coordinating and supervising sanding, repainting and new gunnel blocks for oars. Helpers welcome 2. Signing in. File is on first aid shelf. All groups please sign in and out with mobile contact 3. Damages. Any damage please note at front of sign-in file with contact number should further information be needed 4. Safety plan.

Final reminder: LBT dues for 2021-22

For those of leaky memory, if you put off paying your yearly subscription to the LBT back in July and then lost that reminder note, it is not too late to remedy the situation by making a payment now. Membership fees for the Living Boat Trust are: $40 p.a. for an individual; $70 p.a. for a family; $125 p.a. for an organisation.

No sailing Capricornia

Now that the days are stretching out the water, particularly being on it, is starting to look tempting. There are plenty of boats at the LBT for doing this, but unfortunately Capricornia is not one of them for the time being. The flotation chambers need sealing, and their are various other issues that require attention.

Seniors Week

We hope the second half of Seniors Week will go as well as the first half despite the ominous looking weather. People have really been enjoying getting out on the water.

Castle Forbes tide times

If you thinking about getting on the water then tides - which direction, how high - can be an important consideration. Ryan Blundell has just alerted us to the site which does a nice job of presenting the relevant information. We have added a link to this site to the homepage - see pic below, and

Looking forward to return of 'Maritime Times' folder

Dennis Muscovich has done a great job of collating our copies of this excellent publication in a large folder. We hope that the person who has borrowed it is enjoying it as much as we all will when it is returned.

LBT Committee Meeting this week (14th)

There is a draft agenda being worked on at . Draft minutes for the last meeting are at Extra business to be attended to should be communicated to your friendly committee members, or emails to

Seniors Week

If you see a whole lot of strangers hanging around the Shed in the middle of the day this week don't be alarmed: they have come along for a trip on Nancy as a Seniors Week activity. If they look lost please give them sensible directions, and be prepared to share the afternoon tea table with them.

The Island Project - dementia prevention

We recently attended a Men's Shed gathering where the main presentation concerned this topic. It was the right demographic. From the Project home page: 'Most of the risk for dementia is associated with ageing. However, international research has indicated that approximately a third of dementia cases may be effectively prevented if modifiable risk factors are addressed. It is never too late to tackle these risk factors, but it is particularly important from middle age onwards.


James Arkle from Huon Yacht Club writes:  'One of the fun initiatives that we are starting this year is Sea-Gals. They are holding their first get together on Monday 18th October. I would like to say a very big "thank you" to Pam for organising this, I am sure that it will be both fun and informative. Here are all the details:   Sea-Gals of the HYC group would like to invite women who enjoy boating and would like to socialise and meet other like-minded women, while learning new skills.

'Going down another lane' book review

From the review of John Young's autobiography in 'Afloat' magazine:  'Over the past 85+ years Dr John Young (BA, MA Auckland, MA Oxford, PhD ANU), English-born actor, author, boat-builder, boxer, Pacific historian and voyager, conservationist, environmentalist, community developer, technical educator, and all-round social entrepreneur, has gone down a great many lanes, by-ways and highways. What makes this lengthy but lively life-story of particular interest to readers of Afloat is its connecting theme: building, sailing, and messing about in boats, especially wooden ones.

Family fun day Sunday October 31st

Come along and enjoy:  Paul Frost's model boats (see pics below); sausage Sizzle and salad;  scones jam and cream; music with Terry Mead and David Pittaway; mounting of new figure head for Freya carved by Mary Lou Conway; come and try rowing. Time: 11am to 2.30pm.

Nancy Fanciers meeting Monday 4th Oct 5pm

There are a number of issues to be considered:  Nancy's role in Seniors Week (starting Monday 11th); getting Nancy out of the water for major maintenance at the beginning of November; how to get that work done (volunteers, subcontracting); how to operate Nancy in the coming summer season (volunteers, leasing).  Get along, hear about the different proposals, and have your say.

Migrating our website

The LBT website is hosted by Google Classic Sites, which is scheduled to disappear in December. A recent failed attempt to edit the Nancy homepage indicates that Google have already started to shut things down - see screen grab below. We have been working towards migrating our web pages to Wordpress (don't worry, it is just another internet thingy), as shown by the second screen grab.

Rowing News

Jane Johnson writes: Maintenance – Freyja is back on the river and in new-found glory was taken down to Dover for an adventurous row/exploration, timed well with some picture-book spring weather. Imagine is undergoing major maintenance work with repairs to the gunnels and top strake, sanding, repainting and more. The more hands helping will result in a faster return to the river. Wednesdays is workshop day from 10 am, but other times can be arranged.

Monday night BBQ

Last Monday of the month has come around again (can you believe it?), so it is time to oil the hotplate and check the gas bottle. Weather looks kind, and there should be plenty of twilight. See you at the Shed after 6pm.   Pic from Wikimedia

Huon Yacht Club Open Day Saturday October 2nd

James Arkle (the commodore) has sent the program. 11.30 preparations start in the clubhouse. If you could bring along a plate of finger food that would be great. Small cakes, muffins, sandwiches and things like that would be ideal. Huon Aquaculture are very kindly donating some smoked salmon and Suzannah and her helpers are converting that into posh sarnies! 12.00 the fleet gathers at the Mid River Buoy 12.

Late invitation: Men's Shed gathering 30th Sept

We are looking for one more delegate to send to this meeting at Margate. Details attached: . Despite the name it is not gender specific: there are plenty of 'Community Sheds' like ours who are part of the association. If you are interested please send a message to


One of the great things about the LBT is the opportunity to learn new stuff, a very good example being the decorative knots class being conducted by Barbara Frankel. Come along and join it on 4.30pm on Monday afternoons. As a tribute to Barbara's teaching skills, see the mat tied by somebody who failed scissors at kindergarten: It's the Monkey Fist this week: see https://upload.

Nancy: vote of thanks to Judy Krynen

Nancy is in many ways our flagship, our 'whole of community boat', taking numerous excursion groups around the Egg Islands, transporting dignitaries to events and school children on expeditions, participating in festivals and regattas, used for scattering ashes in the river and the list goes on. If there was once 'A little engine that could', Nancy is 'the little boat that can'. To see the joy on an eight year old's face as they take the wheel on Nancy and realise that yes, they really are steering the boat, is the sort of reason many of us belong to the Living Boat Trust.